Introducing the revolutionary two step bleaching treatment.

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Bleach collection

Sit back, relax and rely on your hairdresser's expertise within chemical treatments while they bleach your hair.
Bring your new hair and a complimentary gift home - our violet pigment finishing treatment, Silver Shot.


In Salon Treatment

silver bleach

Silver bleach

A professional bleach treatment with added violet pigments for a colder result.

Balayage bleach

A professional bleach treatment developed for balayage and free-hand techniques.

balayage bleach


Home Treatment

Silver shot

We care about your hair and know that bleach is one of the harshest treatments one can do.
Therefore, we have developed a finishing treatment for the customer to bring home – for free!

Our Silver Shot will lower the pH level in your hair and close the cuticles that was opened during your bleach session.
It has also been boosted with violet pigments to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones.

silver shot


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& Answers

Can I bleach my hair at home?

Yes you can but we highly recommend that you don’t do any bleach treatments at home.
An abrasive chemical treatment like bleaching requires extensive knowledge and
experience to guarantee a good result and as little damage to the hair as possible.
Therefore, our Balayage and Silver Bleach are salon exclusive.

Why should I use the Silver Shot?

When we bleach our hair we open the cuticles by increasing the pH level from the natural level of 5.5 to about 13-14.
In order to close the cuticles and prevent further damage to the hair we need to lower the pH level one the treatment is finished.
Our Silver Shot has a pH level of 3.5 which will help your pH level back to normal.
Since our Silver Shot is boosted with violet pigment it will also help to maintain your new colour by diminishing yellow tones.

How much does the silver shot cost?

The Silver Shot is a complimentary gift when you choose to do
a salon treatment with Maria Nila Balayage or Silver Bleach.

Can i buy the silver shot?

No, if you wish to continue using a violet pigment product we recommend
our Sheer Silver caring range and our Pearl Silver Colour Refresh.

Why do we use violet pigments in the finishing treatment?

When a hair is bleached, yellow tones will come forward.
The violet pigments in our Silver Bleach reduce those warm tones and thus creates a cooler result.
Our silver shot helps you to retain your new result by diminishing yellow tones.

Is it vegan?

Yes. All products in our Bleach Collection are registered with Vegan Society, PETA and Leaping Bunny.
This includes the Developer that your hairdresser will use to mix the bleaching powder.

How much does the Silver Shot contain?

The Silver Shot contains 60 ml / 2.0 fl oz.

Our Philosophy

Maria Nila is not the usual beauty brand.

Our climate compensated and 100% vegan products
are developed with love for our animals, and our beautiful planet.

Every day, we think about what we can do, to positively impact the world.

What we want?

To make easy for everyone,
to take a step towards a sustainable world.